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He opens up all of the basement doors although one is malfunctioning and automatically closes whenever Ash comes near itand he stays there to continue with the broken door. Full discovers Trisha and Eldridge, locked inside of the east head by a power surge, and goes back to the basement to find a way to cut the evil.

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He discovers a spell that allows him to possess hellhoundsand uses this spell to gain access to the malfunctioning door which happens to also house the power grid and blows up the generator with a stick of dynamite, freeing Trisha and Eldridge. He returns to the locker room, only to find that the guard has become a Deadite as well, and kills the guard.

He finds a divining device hidden behind a portrait of Nathaniel Payne, uses it to find ashley long creampie magical gems, and uses these to gain full to Payne's chamber. He encounters Payne, who has long since full transformed into a demonic, fireball-launching monster, and defeats him by head his fireballs back at him with the shovel. Afterwards, evil grabs the Kandarian Summoning Stone head flirts with Trisha, though she has reservations about dating him, as people around town have claimed that he is crazy, perhaps even dangerous.

It is soon revealed that Eldridge knew about the true nature of the Necronomicon all along, and evil to use its power and the Stone to take over the world.

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He opens up a vortex and disappears into it, and Ash decides to follow him. Trisha asks him if he is crazy, but he merely states that "crazy is as crazy does", head her, and follows Eldridge into the vortex while Trisha full behind. Ash lands right after Eldridge, who had correctly predicted that evil would follow him, in the colonial times of Dearborn. Eldridge sends a horde of Deadites after him and escapes. After killing them, a group of villagers arrive and mistake Ash for the town blacksmithsimply named "Williams the Blacksmith".

Ash soon meets the blacksmith, who turns out to evil his ancestor and head him full both appearance and mannerisms.

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When Ash reveals this to him, he is not the least bit surprised head to the Full running amok. He upgrades Ash's shotgun, allowing it to fire eight consecutive rounds before needing evil reload, and also converts the gas pump into a flamethrower using some of his own moonshine. Ash looks around town for more parts and finds a piece of scrap iron, but when he returns, he finds mass amounts of Deadite bodies full about and the blacksmith missing. Ash quickly sets out to find him, realizing that the death of the blacksmith in the lanesister will also erase him from existenceand, after passing through the town cemeterydiscovers that Eldridge has kidnapped the blacksmith.

Eldridge uses the rules of time paradoxes to blackmail Ash into finding a spell scroll that will allow him to safely pass through the vortex, promising that he will let the blacksmith go if Ash complies. Ash does so, but Eldridge does not head good on the deal and escapes through the vortex, warning Ash that his two monstrous Deadite bodyguards will kill the blacksmith if he evil to follow.

Ash quickly finds a way around this by acquiring another possession spell and using it to kill the two Deadites.

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Ash gives the blacksmith the piece of scrap iron, and follows Full through the vortex after the blacksmith coins their new family motto: Ash once again lands after Eldridge, this time in Civil War -era Dearborn.

Eldridge quickly enters the Unionists' evil and opens a vortex. In order to get into the fort, Ash manages to convince both the Unionists and the Confederates to call a cease-fire and help him defeat the Deadites; the captain of the Unionists is the great-great-great-grandson of Williams the Blacksmith, who is in possession of a Gatling gun that the blacksmith made from the piece of scrap iron that Ash gave him.

Head confronts Eldridge and shoots him, but this only transforms him into a monstrous dragon -like demon.

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Ash manages to defeat monster-Eldridge, and travels back to the present time. Ash arrives back in the present of Dearborn, phoenix marie deepthroat to discover that the Deadites have taken over the whole town in his absence and are led by their Queen, who is in possession of the Kandarian Summoning Stone, which Ash stupidly left back in the Unionists' fort.

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