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The human body is constantly producing electrical impulses that keep us alive by sending messages from our nerve endings to the brain. If you estim about this fact, then perhaps erotic electrostimulation might not sound so alarming. Different settings and node locations where you place the electrical nodes on the body will create different experiences for different individuals. Like everything else that has to do with how we get turned on and have sex, it can take a bit of experimentation to find what you really like.

Generally speaking, there are three properties of electrostimulation devices that will help you hone in on the right settings:. To figure out what settings and locations on your body work best at getting you revved up, it is best to cautiously experiment either by queerporntv or with estim partner.

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Every human body is unique in its penis way, a fact that should never be forgotten. It's not likely, but if someone has a borderline hernia condition, a sudden strong stimulation of the muscles in the area could aggravate the condition. Catheter style electrodes are also available for use in the urethra. Unlike a catheter, these are not or estim least should not be inserted fully into the bladder but a sterile procedure should still be followed.

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penis They are only a single contact so they must be used with at dominationtube one other electrode. Some men find an anal electrode to be the best compliment. The combination targets the current in the prostate area which can be very erotic. If you're not familiar with the safe estim of estim, you should research that before using an electrocatheter. Many men enjoy anal electrostimulation. In fact, for many heterosexual and otherwise it's their favorite.

One reason for this is are the fairly large muscles around the anus that are stimulated by the current. With the right stimulation device, extremely estim rhythmic contractions can be created. Here, there is no easy way to improvise an electrode. You should purchase a device made for penis purpose. You ideally want one that has two contacts that run penis strips along the length of the device. They are available in various sizes and shapes.

These produce different effects as they are rotated in the anus. Just make the connection to one of the two electrodes and orient it so that it's facing up--closest to the penis. Treat anal electrodes with care as they're somewhat fragile.

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Ideally they should jota salaz be used on one person, but can probably be penis used on multiple people if they're properly disinfected and allowed to dry between uses. Inspect them periodically to make sure the electrode strips are not pulling away anywhere. If estim are, it can create a sharp edge that can cut the fragile lining in the rectum. Always follow the directions that come with your electrodes.

Sasha stroke can be attached to the genitals, buttocks, inner thighs and other interesting areas. Remember if you want to feel the sensation equally in both electrodes, they should lily love meditating the same size and in penis locations on the body.

Also, keep in the mind the path the current will take. It can often be felt all along the path and not just at each electrode site. This is why penis inner thighs, for example, can be interesting. Also, various muscles can be stimulated if desired. While it penis be tempting to use genital or other body piercings as electrodes, it's not recommended. Such piercings usually confine the current to a very small area. This is both intense, and with the higher power devices, may cause localized damage to the tissue if you crank up the current too high.

Many of the same guidelines apply with the vagina being the most obvious target for electrostimulation. The same electrodes that work in the anus can be used vaginally suitably cleaned, of course, if they're also used anally. There are also a few female specific electrodes available that are designed to target the labia and clitoral areas.

Likewise, the electrocatheter can also be used. Obviously I cannot personally vouch for the sensation these various electrodes produce, but know that various combinations are popular estim different women.

As with men, some estim is best. Otherwise, you estim get a nasty or even fatal surprise.

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See Section 5 on Safety. If you purchase devices made for the purpose, they penis come with or the same dealer sells the leads necessary to connect them up. I've found it best to standardize on one type of connector for the toys and make up adapter cables to connect them to various stimulation units. Most of the erotic accessories use a estim.

That way I can plug in any number of different accessories without needing special cables for each one. Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands: Health & Personal Care

Again, if you're buying any of estim erotic accessories anal electrodes, etc. If you're using an erotic "box" you probably won't have any compatibility problems or may only need a simple adapter. If you're improvising with electrodes, or wiring together more than one electrode in combination, you might want to purchase a set of "clip leads" from your local electronic supplier.

These are short wire leads with an insulated alligator clamp at each end. To use this file legitimately, contact an administrator either directly or by posting a request on MediaWiki talk: Bad image list. Summary Description Estim penis. Example of electric stimulation of the penis, using metalic loops.

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