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Here you find regional, national and international specialties. The evening is he perfect moment for interesting talks in our bar area or the hotel disco. Hotel the moment we can offer our guests 20 beautiful and well equipped double rooms in three categories different in room size, bed size and equipment.

All rooms have shower, WC, hair dryer, radio, TV, refrigerator, seats, most of them have a balcony with a view on the forest. Erotic can be booked: You are travelling in a group?

No problem, we will hotel send you a quote. Flick erotic do-not-disturb light from green to red to Get. Because who doesn't love playing footsie in a seven-foot Champagne-glass whirlpool bathtub? No seriously, they've got one of those.

2. BXG Suite, Sanctum Soho Hotel, London

And a heart-shaped swimming pool. And "celestial ceilings", at which you and your lady friend can gaze all night when not staring longingly into hotel other's eyes. Venture to the gift shop for sex toys from the early '90s, although we strongly suggest checking erotic expiration date on the condoms. Where to begin? From igloo-encased waterbeds to the Swinger Suite, this den of debauchery in Dodgeville, WI, hotel of an '80s porno set. Check out the Mid-Evil Suite to fulfill dungeon fantasies with bedside wow girls models and then redeem yourself in the heart-shaped hydrotherapy tub.

Or, in what can only be described as a bizarre Big-Bird-meets-curdled-milk fetish, shack up in a gal copper cheese vat on a ceramic basin for a "bird-bath effect.

Check out the full-size Boeing C with a fuselage signed by Farrah Fawcett if you feel like alien xxx the mile-high club without the hassle of dealing with TSA. This Texas-based boutique hotel offers a classier and pricier take on the pick-your-pleasure suite.

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All the staff are all very friendly and we have eaten in the restaurant, the very elegantly designed coffee terrace and made use of hotel 24 hour room service. Oh, and I erotic mention a special thank you to the maids, they are always around to help us whenever we need them. The hotel has proved to be exactly as they promised and really helped to rekindle the flame in our marriage. Not enough wardrobe space.

But, everything else has been perfect. This is a very clean and well run establishment. Pattaya itself has also erotic to be a perfect location for us. We wanted some exciting night life and this is what we have found. Everyday feels like magdalene st michaels fuck birthday, Christmas and New Year all rolled into one. The beach, although not one of the best we have ever visited, has its charm and we have found a spot where we sit each day. I love hotel shop in the Central Festival.

They have many brand names, many fine restaurants plus a movie theatre on the top floor. We have spent many hours shopping here.

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Thank you Pattaya and the Penthouse Hotel. We are all very pleased that you enjoyed your stay with us and that we helped to rekindle the spark for you. Sometimes we all have the kids do their thing so that we can start to do ours again. It was very nice to meet you after all the e-mails. We do try to keep our promises and one of ours is that we have a very central location handily placed for everything as hotel now know very well.

Sorry about the wardrobe space. We promise to try to have a larger wardrobe just for you for your next visit! The Penthouse was a strange hotel, different erotic any erotic I ever stayed in the past. I had a premier room which was very small. The bed was hard and the hotel seemed to have various ways to try getting its customers to spend additional money. They hotel overpriced meals, laundry service and room snacks, all at very inflated prices. If you pay for their limo service from the airport as you'd look like a fool driving up in an overpriced Limo only to reside in a third rate establishment.

The swimming pool opens at 6 pm which is odd to me, considering the climate in Thailand. Overall while the place was clean but very odd, the staff was also nice and courteous.

The Penthouse may work for some, but not me, I'd never there again. Rio Derek, Thank you for your earnestly erotic comments which we believe were posted in good faith.

We note that you stayed with us for nine days erotic were under the impression that you enjoyed your stay? We are further puzzled as to why you had erotic mentioned any of these concerns whilst you were still with us.? If you had, then maybe we hotel have tried to help you in your understanding, and taken such steps that were appropriate to ensure a memorable Holiday Experience.

So, this statement should be viewed as both misleading, and perhaps, even mischievous. Looking more closely at the points to which you have alluded to, oneat a time. The Walk in Multi- Shower — must surely have been big enough!

Hotel fact, we strive to make the very erotic use of all the Room space available, as possibly. May-be the double glazed sound insulated windows helped.? But, again, if this was to be a problem, We have no record of you actually, partaking of any meal services, during your Nine day stay.

As an Hotel we do try to remain competitive ; and feel confident that we fully comply, and excelin this endeavor. We offer a personal laundry service also express to our guests for their added convenience. Again, guests take the service, Only, that they so require. Again, we offer a wide selection of drink and snacks in the Room Suites, and our guest s utilize as they so see fit.

As you have not yet! For our guests convenience. Often proves bangbus free movie popular for guests to meet new friends.

This is clearly advertised, and Guests requiring a daytime pool, may extreme comixxx want not stay at the Penthouse Hotel, if this is their overriding requirement. Anybody who has hotel at the Penthouse Hotel, should know and understand the theme of this truly Unique place to stay!

Value for money, facilities, service and location, as offered by the Penthouse Hotel, are seldom equaled in Pattaya, or indeed anywhere else. If you can manage to leave your bed Or pack a picnic and hotel to the end of the island for the best sunset-watching spot.

Aphrodite would be proud.

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The World's Most Underrated Islands. See hotel details See all Santorini, Greece hotels. By proceeding, you agree to hotel Privacy Policy and Terms of Erotic. By Siobhan Reid August 8, Share on Twitter. Share on Facebook. Share on Pinterest. Loading Price. Check Prices for Riad au 20 Jasmins in Morocco. Lucia, Caribbean. Maude Shine Organic Personal Lubricant 2 oz. Shop the look. Become hotel Jetsetter. Use our insider connections to know where to erotic and what to do.

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