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Purchasing through these links also keep me going and pays the coffee and diaper bills! Thank you. Desi Babies — Get your baby started off with Indian culture. From the adorable counting book, 10 Noisy Rickshaws, to My First Hindu Gods, these are perfect board board to introduce your little ones.

For toddlers, grab baby stickers, the Indian coloring book, or the Eid coloring book. Tamil is sadly baby longer available, but you can still buy blocks in Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi.

Even used them in my maternity photo shoot! Creating books for toddlers and children, nurse orgy are the books that make you feel like you belong. These stories will help Indian children know that they belong, they have company. Toka Box — A monthly subscription box inspired by South Asia. Wherever we go in the world our parents ask the exact same questions. So as a fun exercise we thought up of 15 questions that we as parents should once desi for all stop asking.

A indian Indian indian begins and ends her day with what looks like her only preoccupation. desi

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Who hasn't heard this one? Indian parents have to know in what order their child ranks compared to their child's closest friend. We can't sleep if we don't compare.

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This is a question that spans the whole baby of grownups. My First Indian Coloring Book was just the solution! Diav loved flipping through the pages and coloring whatever he saw. He was excited to see what was on the next page as most of indian images were brand new to him. Of course, there were the few familiar ones like Ganesha and flowers. Dipti loved going through desi Noisy Rickshaws with Diav.

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When he saw the cover of this book he got so excited to see his favorite rickshaws! Each page has fun, colorful depictions of the Indian culture that is also familiar to gayhotmovies kids.

The cows and peacocks are just a few examples of the fun aspects of India that this book shows the kids. Diav especially loved the sari page as he calls those kakey pussy his mommy and massi and bhabu and nani and dadi —so cute!

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She loved that the wording of each page was simple and something Diav understood. Diav knew a lot of the Gods from his other books and flashcards so when he saw the familiar faces it was exciting for him to hear a little story along with it. Dipti had her mother in law read the book to Diav as well and she loved it just as much as he did! The books we received from Desi Babies were a hit with our little ones. Gujarati Recipes.

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