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What Happens If Sperm Gets In Your Eyes? 6 Things To Expect, Because You Will Be Dropping F-Bombs

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Start by gently washing out your eyes with lukewarm water. You can also use saline solution if you have it handy.

Getting semen in your eye typically isn’t harmful, but it can hurt like hell.

You might want to get tested for sexually transmitted infections. Be really honest with your doctor so they can run the right tests. What to Read Next. Yahoo Lifestyle. Woman's Day. Marie Claire. Harper's Bazaar. Hello Giggles. Robb Report. Or, if you have a gonorrhea infection in your urethra—and touch your penis and then touch your eyes—you could spread the gonorrhea infection to your eyes.

Sexual Health Week: What to do if you get sperm in your eyes | Metro News

Most data on the prevalence of ocular chlamydia comes from neonatal cases of maternal transmission when a mother transmits chlamydia to her baby when the baby is born.

The CDC does not porno twins data on the prevalence of adult ocular chlamydial infections—likely because it is uncommon. Theoretically, semen with chlamydia bacteria in it could cause a chlamydia eye infection, or eyes with gonorrhea bacteria cum cause a gonorrhea eye infection.

Before you zero in the symptoms to look for, it is important not to panic.

Rinse out your eye as soon as you can.

Although it is very rare, an eye infection of gonorrhea is considered a medical emergencybecause it can cause vision loss. Symptoms of ocular gonorrhea can include eye redness, discharge, and inflammation. Symptoms of ocular chlamydia include mucous discharge from the eye, eyelid swelling, eye irritation, feeling like you have something stuck in your eye, or eye redness.

Ocular chlamydia can be treated with antibiotics. Abelson, M and Leung, S. The many faces of chlamydial infection.

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