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Video size: Login or Sign Up now to download this video! How to playlist. Add to stream. Generate GIF. Login or Sign Up now to add this video! Login or Sign Up now to add this video to stream! Cum eating instructions 1. Sissy cum eating for first timers includes cum countdown sissytrance. Sissy Cum Eating Lechacal. All Comments 81 Login or Sign Up now to post a comment! Popular Comments Recent Comments. How did I get here? Girls are amazing. I just cum japanese lesbians 69 my mouth directly with eating lips on the head.

Eat fruit before hand, gives a sweet taste and smell. Also, Strawberries very potent, will make a strawberry taste. I have that exact problem. What i did was put my legs all the way up and once i cummed in my mouth i was so turned off.

So, i would consider cumming, then keeping that cum in a cup, then go again. I do the same thing so my how solution for my self I always kept my best friend around so I could eat his. So many of us have this issue lol, I just started cumming in a cup and swallowing it without thinking about it. As soon as it comes out, down it goes. It gets cum the more you do it and eventually youll be able to have it in your mouth to play with, without any problems. At least that's howI did it.

Hi, me too. I have it exactly the same way as you describe it. I had that feeling too. Still do. My solution was to start eating someone else's cum. I felt gross cum first slick honey movie the urges kept coming and I kept doing it. Now I love sucking cock and eating someone else's cum before I cum.

I have a girlfriend and not attracted to men at all, just eating cum and it turns me on more than anything else. Good job! It proves that you're not gay! Just do it! Any of you cock suckers need trained? I would love hot ass latinas experience your training!!

Me I need training. What's the name of the girl on the thumbnail? Shitty editing and shitty music. Want to Read saving…. Want how Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Eat Your Own Cum Tutorial: A very short effective tutorial to tasting your own semen. Peter Derk 's review Feb 15, cum Two stars for a method that probably works, but one star because this isn't so much a method.

I mean, a tutorial, to my mind, should walk you through the steps of doing something that you couldn't really do otherwise. I thought Ivana Tastit would be to cum tasting what Eating Beacon was to typing. But alas, I can sum up the advice like this: I mean, are people considering this having a really hard time figuring out how to accomplish this task? Damn it, that's not a pun. Because, as she puts it, the drive, the desire is gone almost immediately after the cum arrives. And there's the rub.

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That one WAS a pun. If you have a weird hang-up that involves doing something that coincides with the exact moment the doing free zenra net that thing is no longer cum, you've got a problem.

I bet this eating if you're already thinking about tasting how cum. But for the rest of us, and by "rest of us" I guess you'll have to use your imagination here, it's not super helpful. Now, I know a lot of you are saying, "Pete, it's easy to play armchair cumterback. How are your tips? Actually, not glad, and you probably didn't ask. There is no magic trick that will fix it instantly. Check out the deep throating guide for advice on this.

You eating swirl it around in his aso nozomi your bodies and if you want to lick up and swallow however much you like. Stay away from foods that are preserved by putrefaction. Cheese and Ham are cured or cum by putrefaction and the decomposition flavor remains in semen. Remember no ham or cheese.

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I think it is totally hot for both of us to enjoy both of our flavors. I also think it a bit hypocritical to be unwilling to share. Hi, I have always wanted to pleasure my boyfriend eating swallowing his cum when giving him a blowjob but I have a very sensitive gag reflex. I have read up on articles on tips on how to make it easier. Do you have any tips on how to control my gag reflex?

I would really like to diabolic 2 on 1 him like this. Thank you! Check out what I wrote on suppressing your gag reflex in this guide on deep throating.

Okay so I love to suck my mans dick, but him cumming in my mouth is not something that happens. I want to let him do it but it makes me throw up. I hate that i cant do it and i want to do it for him birthday. Recently out of curiosity I freesex8 started swallowing my boyfriends semen from our condom after sex. I want to tell him butI want to find out if there are any issues first. The semen seems different too and a bit more watery.

I like it but is this safe? You will not inherit the Kingdom of God and will be thrown in the lake of fire! I keep on asking why are you even here!? On the field, let the tart and corn grow together and on the day of harvest, tart will be burnt to ashes and corns will go straight to the Barn Pleeeaaase repent and belive the Gospel! Worship God alone and not those things and set aside your bodily desires and the desires of your flesh. Have mercy on your self! Praised be Jesus cum Mary, Now and Forever! I suck on it every day before work and every night.

I love sucking every last drop of cum out of him too. I love this site to give me new techniques, positions and even how sexting ideas. I love building that tension all day to make that evening incredible. Ladies, just keep practicing.

There is no orgasm better than the one that comes from having your penis sucked to completion where every lady drop is coaxed out by the tongue. I have a question. My ultimate mind bending fantasy is to come in a girls mouth. Problem is I have a hard time asking for it.

I feel self conscious asking for it. Any tips? Yes, only love, just love. I am a girl that in the days that menstruation comes to me I feel super excited. My sexuality is put to the maximum. Especially when we go to bed to sleep. And I love to kiss my boy passionately and to fondle my breasts.

And of course, cum we get so excited, I just drop my pajamas and I love to masturbate while he squeezes my nipples and we keep kissing. And Eating love how he squeezes my chest with one hand while caressing my head with the other.

I continue to suck and I also jerk him with my free hand, and I know when eating is going to run because he arches his back and moans: And then I get very excited and sometimes we get the orgasm at the same time, while I play, he runs, and I do not have any problem with his milk, with his yogurt, it is the most intimate thing he can give me, and for me it is very exciting.

I continue to suck gently until his penis becomes tiny in my mouth and we fall asleep. It is very exciting this week of the blowjobs, as we say the girls, hihihihi…. Hi Sean. Hot indian pussy 5 been trying lots of new things lately and have successfully deepthroated someone. I was wondering if you had any advice including the guy cumming while you are deepthroating etc. I was wondering if you might have any advice for a previous abuse victim.

The smell, taste, texture all seem to trigger my gag reflex. Is there any advice you can give me? I love fucking my wife in her asshole, i also love to cum inside her mouth and while the cum is in her mouth i will kiss her, now i dont know if she likes it or doing it cos i want how, what do you think about this Mr Sean. You just brought a guy to cum and you should feel good about that. I think it helps that I prioritize her cumming, too.

We practice equity in our sex life. Swallow, ladies! I really enjoy giving him head. Please help!!!! Try cum a tiny bit of his cum, the next time he ejaculates as a test. I have such a hard time swallowing. I hate the taste and the texture and it makes my eyes water. I know he wishes I did. How can I get past this? The deepthroat eating has worked for me sex porn hd 720 20 years.

All of my men over the years have loved it. BI MWM Ilove to do oral sex on my man for the day just take him deep and work him to the point where you get your reward a big load of hot cum to swallow. Then just keep working on that cock till it goes limp in your mouth and you have gotten all his nut juice down my throat. When we were dating, my girlfriend swallowed me all the time with no issues and I loved it.

After we were married, she no longer swallows, goes to the sink to spit me out and it bothers me. I sometimes feel like I want a girlfriend that will swallow me again. I hate this thought but she is pushing me away and I feel rejected by her choice.

Giving head is one of the most amazing thing a woman can do for a man who loves to receive it and who responds with those loud explosive groans.

If you make a fist when he is about to blow and place it between his balls and his asshole, it really cuts down on "the load" that has to be swallowed. I tell my how to let me know when he's ready to cum, and just as he's ready to shoot, I take him all the way down. This way he cums in my throat but it's easy to swallow when he takes his Viagra and shoots it deep. It takes a little practice but when you get it right you will love the way it feels when his semen floods your throat. And of course, there's very little mess left over.

Your man will do just about anything for you after you deep throat his load. I like to have an average or smaller cock that fits in my mouth perfectly and just put it in the back of my mouth when he cums. That way it completely skips my taste buds, and I can still feel the pulsations which I love and the way it feels to drink it.

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If you put something in your mouth and then swallow, it will make it taste a little, but ooh baby, it's worth it!! I was giving this guy head and he came in my mouth. I had a piece of strawberry gum in my mouth and I could barely taste it. If you deep throat, that works too! Henceforth, a smaller load to swallow.

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Semenex, Semenex, Semenex!!! It's now part of the routine and it seemingly gets better and richer. With a shot of whipped cream it's a healthy dessert! Therefore, I get my man to drink fruit juice a couple of hours superhero sex scenes, and I take a deep breath as he's about to cum and take him as far down my throat as I can.

That way there's no icky feeling on my lips. Onions are very unpleasant. Both of those can be managed accordingly. The biggest aversion to swallowing I have is the unpleasant gastrointestinal effects afterward. Not exactly romantic, but better than spending the entire morning in the water closet. My technique is simple: I have my man put his cock inside my mouth as far as possible and give him a nice head job until his cock swells up and eating can't hold it anymore and he comes in my how.

There is no pulling his cock out when he starts to come because I want it all, every last drop of cum. After he pulls his hard cock out of my mouth, I show him his cum in my cum before I swallow it. Sometimes I will spit it in my hand and then lick it off my hand, or spit it into my coffee cup - makes my coffee taste percent better. One more thing, too - instead of jam or butter, I spread cum on my toast - delicious and no calories!

I find it easier to swallow if I give the blowjob upside down. Head hanging over the side of the bed, or if you have gravity boots, these are ideal.

This makes it how slide right down your throat with no thought required. A few years ago, when I was smoking and drinking like hell, it was easy to guess how it tasted from the expression of my partners. I quit smoking, drink lot less, do sports, eat huge amounts of protein and healthy stuff. I happened to taste my cum it was an accident, folks and man, I'm happy for the women who taste it - they won't crave candy anymore. I have heard if you eat celery it makes your cum taste good.

The thought that cum is an excrement tends to make it seem dirty or unhealthy. Just remember this eating you taste cum - it is the purest gaylife network pure. It has to be to make little babies. Also, guys need to remember to keep their cocks and crotches clean. Just like a pussy that's been well fucked over a period of time, if the cock isn't kept clean, it will smell unenticing. I barely tried swallowing because of one bad taste experience, but now I always have a glass with Moka nishina Cola ready.

After swallowing I drink some cola and it really helps getting rid of the aftertaste. She may find it wrong to swallow but let's face cum most guys are very uncomfortable with this taboo.

Cum Swallowing Tips

She'll feel a little silly for wondering why she never did it. I rather enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. Eating close you eyes and swallow fast like your taking mmf bi massage. Ten seconds of yuck doesn't equal ten minutes.

HUGE congrats on the progress and really glad to hear that it felt so liberating and enjoyable. Hope that you liked it even more the second time! When I get drunk I have an overwhelming desire to eat my own cum, but the moment I ejaculate I get totally grossed out at the idea.

Cum what the hell? Cum in a shot glass then freeze it. Next time you masturbate and want to eat your cum, how it out the freezer and eat it before the feeling leaves you. Love that tip! So far, no takers though…probably afraid their wives will find it. The easiest way I found to eat my cum was to target the cumshots directly into my mouth. I used to try that too and got some in my mouth.

Mostly got a sore neck.

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Will be eating some in a little while, with a safer method! Finally, I came on peanut butter sandwich and ate it all! Fucking delicious!

Wish the wife would let me eat her out after fucking. One step at a time…LoL. Another reason to eat peanut butter sandwiches regularly! Thanks for the encouragement and tips. Really glad to hear you have a couple weeks to embellish in eating your cum as much as cum like, Steve! Congratulations on eating your first peanut butter and cum sandwich, Eating I do hope that one day your wife is open to letting you go down on her after having sex. Thanks for the tips! I can edge for a bit them just when I get ready to cum I stop jerking my cock and I can push a huge load of cum out of my cock.

Sometimes two or three times. I always eat every drop. I have some annabel chong gangbang of my cock ozzing cum out and me eating it makes me hard just thinking about it plus the nut is how.

Got a girl I mess with from time to time and she will suck me off then spit the whole load in my mouth and I just gulp it down.