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So if anyone wants to step up feel free to message me. Or if you just have advice.

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My campus shots today! Took Calculus 3 Test 1 so I wanted to celebrate. Bought Doritos the second class was over. Very overpriced and very worth it.

Log in Sign up. Finished up my senior defense today! Please, everyone who reads this, pray for my math grade. Wish it was Friday. Happy Halloween.

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I need to buy textbooks, who wants to help. I had never felt this attention before. A couple of boys tried to hit on me, but she was being really protective of me.

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That was a good thing, because the whole experience was making me really horny. I noticed her smiling at me while I was licking my lips. Then she just moved her head towards mine and kissed me on the lips!

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I was so shocked and turned on at the same time. It was the first time I had ever kissed a girl! She took my hand and said my brother was coming to pick us up and we should wait outside. We waited for a few minutes before he pulled up and rolled down the window. His dropped his jaw and pulled his shades off.

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I grinned at him, turning my ass to him so he could see me in her short shorts. I went to the backseat, expecting Taylor to take shotgun.

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But she surprised me and hopped in the back with me! My brother started driving back towards his house, and she put her hand on my thigh.

I turned my face towards her and we started making out!!