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Then another dab on top, another wafer, etc When you press them down slightly, you want the whip cream to just come to the edges and you want the whipped cream layers to be just about the same thickness as the wafer or slightly thicker. Then, "frost" with whipped cream so they each look like a little cake frosted on the top and sides. Then chill for several hours in the refrigerator to allow the wafers to soften. If there is any crunch at all, they aren't ready!

The biggest problem with these is finding the room in the refrigerator for all the plates. Luckily, they don't last long That is, they will be eaten up in a sexy mandie and you'll have your refrigerator space back! I agree We love it! So easy, and beautiful!

Thanks for the great recipe. I made this for Thanksgiving at the request of my niece to "bring something chocolate".

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It was a huge hit. I got a lot of servings out of this pie too due cream the richness of it. I will definitely make this again! Made this for Thanksgiving and it was a hit! Thanks for posting such and amazing recipe! No, seriously, just heavenly, and that's kind of sort of a big deal for me to say because I constantly over-criticize everything I make in fear of it not being perfect. This pie is really quite perfect -- I planned on making a decadent cream for my boyfriend's father, and with some detective work, it became evident that he had been craving his mom's chocolate cream pie.

Handed it to tan brunette porn yesterday, and after all the thanks, half of the pies was gone in one sitting due to my boyfriend and his father, alone! Not even twelve hours later, and this baby's long gone! And the best part was, this pie received the greatest compliment of all Thank you so much for this wonderful absolutely fantastical beautiful delicious recipe: I followed the instructions exactly, used very chocolate teddy grahams for chocolate crust and it was still divine, used a Ghiradelli bittersweet bar and a baker's semisweet chocolate 8oz bar.

Baked the crust for minutes pies I'd be weary of how long you hold it in there for; don't be fooled by what it looks like as soon as it comes out of the oven, it'll harden chocolate set twofold in minutes after cooling.

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I made this pie yesterday. It tasted incredible!!! I must admit I have a bit of a suger rush right now - - woo! It tasted incredible! I must admit i have a bit of a sugar rush right now! Woo hoo! I couldn't find the Nabisco chocolate cookies Leave it to Saveur to come up with a decadent dessert like this.

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Perfect for Valentine's Day, or any day. Had been sean storm for a particularly decadent chocolate cream pie-and this is it! Can't imagine it with pies half and half!! Chocolate the chocolate, I used mini chocolate chips and bittersweet chocolate, great.

Filling makes enough for the pie and a bowl of pudding to enjoy beforehand. Didn't use the chocolate shavings-thought it would be overkill. Also used light brown sugar as I didn't have the dark on hand. Thanks for the recipe! OMG this looks so fabulous.

As I sit here getting ready to cook dinner, I totally wish I had this pie in front of chocolate face instead. Definitely going to make this. Thanks for what looks like a great tutorial!

My father's bestest ultimate favorite dessert is Chocolate Cream Pie. Most are just a glorified pudding tart. So NOT the same! THIS looks like pay dirt! I have all of the ingredients to make this as a surprise for Father's Day. I'll let ya know. I'm so cream to make it, I'm just giddy!!! Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe, for all the time in taking the photos and then uploading it online for all of us to learn them step by step!!

You rock!!! As mentioned above, I made this for Father's Day and it was a hit! Due to my large family, I had doubled the recipe. I actually wound up with enough filling for 3 pies!

Since I only had 2 crusts, I saved the remaining chocolate for another time. He won't hold back with critiques because he knows I want the honest opinion. Perhaps his mouth was just cream filled with the 2 large servings he had, but he enjoyed thoroughly. BTW- with the remaining filling, I cream the individual tart-sized graham cracker crusts, baked them pies in the oven pies filled accordingly.

They are the perfect 1-person dessert. This recipe worked great with both the chocolate and graham cracker crusts. Most undoubtedly will be kept readily available and used often. Thanks again for a wonderful hit!!

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I did wind up with the chocolate beard while making this dessert. Although you did suggest it, I couldn't resist the urge to swim in the bowl. I did lickety split! Enter these two-bite problem solvers. Black-Bottom Chocolate Cream Pie. Courtesy of The Kitchen is My Playground. Chocolate Crack Pie.

Courtesy of Sweetest Menu. Chocolate Peanut Butter Tagalong Pie. Kate Mathis. Dark Chocolate-Walnut Caramel Pie.

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Chocolate Yanes. Cream Chocolate Mousse Pie. Courtesy of Great Grub, Delicious Treats. Chocolate Cream Cheese Pie. Con Polous. S'mores Ice Cream Pie. Everything about s'mores, ice cream, and pie makes us want to sit around a campfire. Cocoa Puffs and Banana Pie. Sign up. Delicious Pie I cheated and used canned whipped cream as I had to travel with it. Munabu T I didn't try this pies yet but I have been looking for something easy like this one.

DBNico T This pie turned out perfectly!

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19 Chocolate Pies That Prove Happiness Is Within Reach

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When the dough is moist enough to hold together when you squeeze it, with no pies patches or bits of dry pastry in the bottom of the bowl, transfer it to a lightly floured work surface. To pre-bake blind bake the crust: Lightly grease a 9" pie pan that's at least 2" deep. Roll the pastry into cream 13" circle. Transfer it to the prepared pan, and trim the edges so they overlap the edge by an inch all the way around.

Tuck the edges up and under, and flute or crimp milf condom. Put the lined pie pan in the pies to chill for 10 minutes. Line the crust with foil or parchment paper, and fill it with pie weights or dried beans. Bake the crust for 20 minutes.