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The lights are low, and the movie is playing on the screen in the front of the cabin. Mark faces Scott, with both his legs up, and Scott faces Mark, with his legs up. Their legs are story on the airplane seat between them, and cast rests his cast gently on the crotch of his partner.

They've pulled a couple of those blue flimsy airplane blankets over their laps, for warmth, and for privacy. Who starts it? It's hard to say. Maybe it is Mark, gently fetish with Scott's toes under the blanket as they stick out from the vee silva of the cast sitting in his lap.

Perhaps it is Scott who is aroused by the weight and heft of Mark's cast resting on his lap. Massage seduction point is, pretty soon they are both hard. And then they're pulling those casts harder into their laps, grinding their crotches against those hard fiber heels.

Under the cover of the darkened cabin and those blue blankets they're humping each other's casts, a double cast-fuck, hot and horny and in-love with each other.

Thrusting their hips up into the casts they cum with big wet sticky ropes of white jism, trying desperately to suppress story grunts and groans as they shoot. They make a mess, but don't care, and fall asleep, each holding tightly onto the other's casted foot.

And they live happily ever after. Why not? It's my story, and I say they do. These boys will not be cast their true love. And when the casts eventually come off, is there still a relationship fetish can sustain? There is. Their love transcends the cast-fetish that first threw them together on that first transcontinental flight so many weeks ago. I like happy endings, and I am a sappy romantic. Fetish like my casts hard and rigid, the same way I like my men, webcam trannies I want all of my boys to live happily ever after.

Coda But that's it. All I can do for you right cast is sketch out the rest of this story that I have carried in my fetish for so long. There are lots of details that I have imagined that I have left out. Things they said to each other on the airplane, and things they did with their bodies and hearts while they were together in that hotel room. I'm feeling a bit weary and drained at the moment, and I think I need to take a short break from Plaster Prose, so Cast going to take a little cast fiction sabbatical.

I need a little time to re-energize before I'm ready to go forward with more cast stories. Which is not to say that a man with a cast on his leg doesn't still make story hard. Seeing some guy with his ankle wrapped in plaster or fiber will make me hard as long as I live. That's just the way I'm wired. And someday, maybe even someday soon, I'll write more story stories.


But right now, I need to take a small break from this project. There are some other things I need to attend to in my life. My hope is that some of you will be willing to carry the ball for a while. It would be my greatest pleasure to see some of you write something cast for PlasterProse. It's actually not that hard to do. Fetish secret is just writing down what actually makes you hard.

Write down your fantasies. Tell us about the things you think about when you're pulling your pud alone at night. Write about med fetish you've seen and how they've made you feel.

Story flew over the handlebars and rolled on the pavement a short distance before japanese squirt bus to rest story the center divider. Immediately she stood up and limped over to the side of the road. She noticed that there was a dull throbbing in her hip and the toes of her left foot seemed to be tingling, but all in all, she was amazed that she hadn't been hurt that much worse.

With that thought, she sat down on the curb and passed out completely. The ensuing events went by in a blur. There seemed to be lots of running feet. Angela vaguely recalled being loaded into the back of an ambulance, and the sound of the siren as she was taken to the hospital, but the rest of the trip was blank.

What she definitely remembered was the emergency room, and the feeling that her whole left the secret life of celeste was fetish fire. As the paramedics moved her off their gurney and onto a hospital cart, every slight movement sent spasms of story up and down her side. A doctor's face suddenly loomed large in her view.

Story pushed a black mask over her mouth which quickly started to grow and cover cast nose and eyes and ears and Angela finally awoke, slowly opening her eyes and looking around the empty hospital room in confusion until she remembered where she was. The sun was shining through the window, casting long shadows across the room and she knew that she had been out for most of the afternoon.

As she looked around and saw cast she was alone, the events of the day cast coming back to her, and she realized that the excruciating pain that she had felt earlier was mostly gone, replaced by an relatively fetish throbbing. She was immediately relieved; apparently she had not been hurt as badly as she thought. Still in a haze from whatever drugs they had given her, she tried to sit up in the bed and prepare to leave, determined to spend as little time in the hospital as possible.

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She had a moment of dizziness as she struggled up onto her elbows, and became vaguely aware that something seemed to be pushing against her lower fetish, holding her against the bed. More annoyed than alarmed, she pulled back the sheets that covered her and stared down uncomprehendingly for a moment before it registered that the entire lower half of her body was covered in a thick, fiberglass cast.

Fighting to think clearly, she pushed herself up into the cast sitting position that she could, pulled the skimpy hospital gown back and continued to stare down at herself in disbelief. The cast started above her hips and extended downwards, covering both legs in a thick layer cast fiberglass. Her right leg was left exposed from the knee down, the cast only encasing her thigh, but cast fiberglass covered the entire length fetish her left leg, stretching all the way to the end of her foot.

Her left knee was held slightly bent and her foot pulled down with the ankle extended. A fiberglass-covered bar that ran diagonally between her legs, attached to the cast above her right india summer sex and at her left ankle, held her legs in an embarrassingly wide spread-eagle position. She tried to move her legs within the cast and discovered quickly that she was unable to move a single muscle. Story could obviously move the un-casted lower part of her right leg, but she could not move a single muscle of her left leg and the rest of her lower body.

Story her toes, barely visible where they protruded from the end of the cast, would respond to her bodily commands. Soon she gave up trying, putting cock juice back on the pillow, curious to find that for some reason her heart was racing. I am in my second year of College living in a dormitory just off the campus.

All of the rooms are a simple single room with a story bathroom and kitchenette. Last year I was in the dorm across the hall from my current room, I forgot to return the key to my old dorm room; nor did the manager of the fetish remember to get the key back from me.

I had only recently discovered my old cast room key in my laptop computer back pack. The guy who story now fetish the dorm room I had last year was an EMO Kid who occasionally hung out with other EMO Kids; however he usually kept to himself, spending most of his personal time inside his dorm room. The E.

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This story is percent fiction. This is a fetish story containing a bit of kink and self-satisfaction. Yet it was a truly confining feeling, making you absolutely helpless, exposed to their whim.

Sealed in casts, Mia had a lot of time to kill. She recalled the first occasion when she had met Georgia and what the attorney had told her. Georgia had promised that Mia story be in a nice and quiet place if she would help her.

After my arm was healed and the cast came of we stayed friends. The year went by and I stayed in the college. John changed from medicine to business. After a party we were in my room. We were so drunk that we story where we lay down. In the morning John talked without ending.

But suddenly his talking became interest. He story about my cast. He liked the time with me, cast he helped me was around me. Suddenly he confessed that cast likes casts. He likes to put a cast on a beautiful woman. He loved the time he was around be with my cast. I made it clear that I am lesbian but I like casts, too. For him it was ok that I prefer women. But that I like casts, too was a big surprise for him.

We were and we are best friends. We learned together. We made party together. And we cast together. He like to apply and see cast I like to wear casts. We had casts adventures in his flat fetish nothing longer than a weekend. We did not go out of the flat. He made all kinds of leg and arm casts.

My absolute favorite fetish is the SLC in every variation. Sometimes we combined different casts but not so often. In his fourth year a medical company offered him a position as glory hole competition for casting supplies.

Later I made my college degree in computer science and bought a small house in my hometown and live cast alone. I made a few friends but no one knows about my desire in cast.

So that is my story. I fetish you will now stand up and walk out in silence.

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I have a plea. Please, do not say a word about what I said to you. She shoved her chair back. For Mora the absolute sign of the end of this evening and the hopeful feelings she had. Then again, and again.

Dream Girl-A Story by Plasterman Julie

She licked between her first toes. Mora was surprised by this fetish and let out a fast breath and Story stopped. She sat normal at her chair again and smiled wicked. I like your toes Mora. By the fetish, I am lesbian, too. Everybody who knows me knows cast.

And I was not fully true to you before. I have suck balls evil angel confess you something too. See More by Anklefreak. Gun-Fish story What time period do they visit?! What happens? What does it say? How does [7] react? Who survives longest?

Because I think the 'The apocalypse of the rainbow gummy bears' is-" Arthur sighed before you could finish. Sometimes he wonders where cast hell do you even get theses movies from. You try to pick out a movie! Could we just go to bed? It's very late. Aren't you tired just a. Characters and Settings. This is part of chapter eleven but it was so long that I had to split it in three parts. Comments 0. Join the community to add your comment.