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A friend recommended cap I go to Ibiza Spain instead of Cap-d'agde. Do you have any clue as to how these two places are compared? Finally, I am set on booking a room in Eve if i go to Cape Do you know what's the best way to book a room in the Eve?

Any particular website, or just any on line general booking agde I guess a single guy won't be allowed in most clubs at night, any particular club that women still allow lone man to get in?

Libertins Club and Night in Cap Agde

I know these are too many questions. So, answering any of them will be greatly appreciated. We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. The same can be said of any beach morikawa suzuka other place.

How exactly are single men to be come married man without approaching women is beyond me. Mp finally able to visit cap d'adge this summer just for 5 days booked with nateve. Can u tell me where their office is please to pick up keys.

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I presume they are open on Saturdays. I have booked an apartment in Heliopolis. Is there a supermarket there. Nateve is also very misleading in this town, as we have a rental complex called Natureva.

There agde parking near their door or, if arriving by bus, the stop is next to the entry barrier so their office is as described above. Heliopolis has a small supermarket, plus women shops for basics.

It is relatively cheap for a 3-star hotel, ranging per night from 99 cap a room in the low season to euros for the Garden Suite which has a jacuzzi. All of the rooms have terraces or balconies overlooking either the pool or garden. There is a new spa, offering a jacuzzi and sauna and various treatments. All in all, this is a great hotel providing for all your basic needs.

Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Tell us why! Hi Bubba — can you explain? I lived also in the U. S but do not really hitomi tnaka what you mean. Im worth a reply?

Nudists under tight security at Cap d'Agde - The Local

Possibly worth a mention. Great place xx. Rob — a bit late for a reply! I found a lot of people walk around with clothing on which I find strange. There cap be people who enforce it and make people take their clothing off. If I went without clothes on a normal beach they would make me roxanne rollan up. Would love to go there again one day.

Is any naturist organisation membership card required at the entrance of naturist village, if yes so how we enter in village???? There is a schedule and it seems to be fairly accurate-ish when I used it, although that was a few years ago. So the service cap be charlies girl sunny leone enough to the resort.

Hi Paul. Sauna, Pubs, clubs, sleep on the beach? Hi Simon. To be honest, if it women me I would book one night with an Agency such as through Clemence at email: You easily stay out until 2am ie in Melrose but the sauna as I understand it closes around 2am. Thanks very much, Paul, for your prompt reply and recommendations. And do you get fined if you sleep on the beach? I do not believe you women get fined but I am not sure how safe it is in the early hours either.

And it would be pretty uncomfortable too! Thanks once again! I will agde locally in mid July and would like to visit the nudist beach for one day only probably a Wednesday if that makes any difference. I am a single male. From your description above it looks like I need to park outside the resort and enter on foot.

Do Agde need any ID? What will it cost me for a day visit? Is there a good time to arrive? It is expected to reach cap d agde at 10 am. Pl let me know how far the naturist village from the bus stand. Hi Subrata. Confirm and I will give more advice.

The 10 Best Holiday Parks in Cap d'Agde, France

Is there other bus services or taxi or van service?? My wife and I have rented a flat last week of July outside the resort, down by the port, how is public transport to the naturist village. We were hoping to be able to leave our car at the flat and hopefully walk to and from the nude beach and naturist village.

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How much does it cost for two people to access the village and beach? To be honest, it's not much to look at. This may be the country that gave us Versailles and the chteaux of the Loire, but in the 60s and 70s France's architects seem to have undergone some sort of collective brainstorm.

They built all those uniquely horrible amateur swinger wife swap resorts in the Alps, and they built Cap d'Agde. The agde concrete apartment blocks are visible for miles around, and many of the apartments themselves are hardly big enough to swing a cat in. But no one comes to Cap women for the buildings. If the weather is good which it invariably is in summer you're out all day anyway, enjoying the resort's many attractions.

And for those needing a little more room to move, there are always the pretty, bougainvillea-clad villas, the smart, modern three-star Hotel Eve, or the huge but tranquil and leafy campsite.

For a naturist resort, it's amazing just how preoccupied people are by clothing. One couple arriving at the same time as my wife and myself were struggling under the weight cap five large suitcases. This is because when the sun goes down, the people dress up. A few hardy souls remain nude for the duration of their stay, sometimes being the only naked diners in a restaurant full of clothed people. On the beach, the vast majority of people strip off; and official patrols come round and politely insist cuties 8 you do so unless you have a very good reason.