And then we have people who have strong theater backgrounds, either as majors or minors or as actors in high school or professional productions.

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It's bigvaginas a varied cast. Humor is a big part bigvaginas the show. I think that with such a heavy topic, the best way to reach people is with humor. The monologues are equal parts humorous and serious - and even the serious ones have humor in them. Nothing in the show is meant to be so serious that people just shut themselves off. Humor really makes people more comfortable when they're watching the show.

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It's provocative. We've been bigvaginas our shirts, we've been standing on Locust Walk screaming "vagina," and there are those guys that kind of laugh, but they're interested.

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And then there are those guys - the minority - who aren't as open to the idea, but still joke with us, screaming things bigvaginas "Penis monologues! You see something different every time you see it because of the different people involved and the different interpretations of the monologue, and that's what always blows me away.

I want to say "yes," but I think the correct answer would be that women get more out of it.

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Women are more involved in these issues bigvaginas men, so whatever men get out of it, I think is great. In general, they're not as attuned to these issues; they're not a part of their everyday lives.


This ever-evolving list is the anchor of a new series that seeks to map out Bigvaginas best and most legendary comfort foods. In his latest read of the bigvaginas headlines, Sean Orr awaits a Sunny slumber strike and finds Kennedy behaving badly. In his latest read of the news headlines, Sean Orr finds fresh taxi moans and climbing advocacy groups being silly. In his latest read of the news headlines, Sean Orr learns of tech's inability to save us and the likelihood of BC following Alberta's lead.

In his latest read of the news headlines, Sean Orr worries about liquefaction and contractors getting paid under the table.

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