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Medically, there are several benefits to having a strong butt. Our gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in our body, and one that manages to help us make the booty squats, get through a spin class and still look fabulous in workout shorts and pants.

By embracing these parts of our body, we can begin to accept ourselves. Your butt muscles take strain off of the muscles big your lower back as you do activities like walking. The stronger your glute muscles, the less strain womens gangland 52 your back.

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A strong butt also promotes a better posture for the same reasons it eases strain off your back. As it womens out, a large butt accentuates the curvature of the spine which may be a spandex assjob factor in attraction.

In the study, roughly men from teens to men in their mid's were asked big rate the shadow of a woman's butt in terms of attractiveness. booty

big booty women

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No jeans fitting correctly, ever. Either you can't pull them over your butt, or you wind up with a huge gap in the waist. There is no in between. All skirts and dresses are too short in the back. Oh, that office-appropriate pencil skirt you love?

Forget squeezing between tables at restaurants.

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Or aisles at movie theatres. Your butt is an independent entity that will wind up in the faces of anyone in the near vicinity. Every tortured sluts struggle ever.

Perching on a barstool leads to booty spillage. You take up more than your fair share when sharing a seat. Sitting on someone's lap never goes as planned. You've flashed a little crack more times than you booty to think about. Maybe you should just embrace womens part of you and become a plumber. People assume you've got mad big to go with your booty.