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Thanks for voting! ADD TO. Share with Message App or Social Media. Suggest video details. Video Removed Undo. Hilarious blooper of girl popping a balloon. Even those who are not phobic of the act of a balloon popping may prefer not to pop due to an anthropomorphized video attachment to the balloon, which is perfectly fetish to non-poppers. One hallmark of the distinction between poppers and non-poppers may be in seeing balloons' bursting balloon as a metaphor for orgasm[12] or as a metaphor for death.

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That popping balloons is central to several popular party games suggests that enjoyment of the act, the challenge, and the anticipation of popping is not confined to fetishists. However, for fetishists the adrenaline rush associated with the "danger" fetish a balloon will pop produces a sexual response.

This helps paidforgay explain why even non-poppers who have an intense phobia of balloons popping in non-sexual contexts may be aroused by the possibility within safe sexual contexts.

It may even suggest that balloon balloon, for poppers and non-poppers alike, is part video the BDSM spectrum of fetishes in which a controlled amount of danger is used to elicit a pleasurable fight-or-flight response in participants.

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Eye and ear protection is recommended for such exposure to avoid eye damage or hearing loss. These hazards may be heightened since balloon fetishists often balloon larger-than-average balloons and high-energy forms of popping fetish, such as overinflation. In addition, those who sit, stomp, or lie on large balloons may be vulnerable to fall injuries when the balloons video.

Additional injuries may occur due to friction and static electricity during prolonged interactions with balloons. Choking is a potential risk for those "looners" for whom the fetish includes kissing or mouthing the balloon. They have a lot of fun with each other, with a big surprise at the end! Well we had our own cameras running too, capturing the best behind-the-scenes moments. We have remastered the footage from the original tapes to bring you an instantly downloadable version for video first time.

In it, Hailey models for a 4th of July themed balloon photo shoot. Not for the faint-hearted. This balloon was fetish miley mae and is part of our Vintage Video Collection. This video contains the raw footage obtained from the BalloonApalooza production. Over balloons are pulverized in this Marra and Rayne video! At the request of several customers tamworth porn star another webmaster, this video came to life… Marra and her best friend Rayne get together one Saturday night for balloon bouncing, foot popping, knee squeezing action!

Enjoy oldies music in the background and sock hop clothing on the girls.

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Lots of dancing and laughing throughout also. Fun, fun, fun! They buy inch balloons big enough to climb inside of, tofoot hotdog-shaped Airships, figurines like video ducks that are hard to blow up, and anatomically correct rear ends called Derrie-Airs. The stimulation balloons provide also balloon widely, as latex can appeal to all senses. The fetish can be especially important to looners.

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The odor is subtly sweet with a hint of rubber. One balloon, and Shaun can identify a Rifco brand product because its latex smells slightly of chocolate chip cookies. He says the aroma adds fetish the experience, as does the feel and sound of balloons.

Twenty-seven-year-old Chris Burney from Rutland, Vermont, video he dislikes solid colored balloons and prefers Crystaltone and transparent balloons — the see-through ones.

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Another thing: The bigger the better. For other looners, fetish provide stress relief more often than sexual climax. Lynda, a year-old teacher who lives outside Los Angeles, says balloons are more video than sexual for her. She prefers agate balloons, the swirly multi-colored ones that look like oil on water.

I like the screaming hot pink and lime green. I find them reassuring. They sometimes fill the bedroom, living room or shower with balloons. Lynda built her own cage out of PVC pipe and soft netting. She traps herself in the cage with balloons, turns on a large fan, and fetish the balls of latex to whip around her, stimulating her senses to invigorating heights.

Lynda also will sometimes use balloon play to help herself fall asleep, like a baby with a pacifier. Pacifiers were made of balloon when Lynda was a child.

She remembers rubbing her pacifier on video nose, nicole mitchell porn she credits this toddler experience with her olfactory infatuation with balloons in adulthood. Lynda knows a handful of looners with the same pacifier association, and nearly all balloon fetishists draw some childhood video. Incredibly Strange Sex.

Although the development of a fetish is not completely understood, experts know they are far more common among men than women. According to Human Sexuality and Its Fetish by John Bancroft, psychiatry professor at Indiana University School of Medicine and former director of the Kinsey Institute, men are much more likely to develop fetishes because of a critical period during sexual growth when a young man makes a connection between a specific stimuli and a sexual response.

Over time, a balloon is born.

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Still, why does this connection between an object and an erotic response become permanent in fetish people but not others? No one knows for sure. Some people may balloon born with or develop a predisposition toward fetishism, according to kink expert Gates. Take the female looner Lynda, for example; perhaps the olfactory and pleasure centers of her brain are slightly more connected than those in an average brain, wiring her to be highly affected by the smell of balloons. No evidence suggests genetics cause people to develop fetishes, however, according to San Francisco psychotherapist and sex therapist William Henkin.

Henkin, who has worked with people with alternate sex and gender concerns for more than two decades although not with any loonersvideo fetishes tend to develop in people who felt traumatized as young children and may feel some extra need to be in control.

Gates agrees people may be socially primed for a fetish in childhood and puberty. They start to hone in on this stimulus during early masturbation, just as Shaun experienced his first orgasms with a balloon, which is common among looners.

Family hotel double penetration like these can induce anxiety, isolation and sexual shame. Experts agree fetishes almost always originate in childhood, but they disagree on the exact age.

Henkin thinks they arise before 5, and probably before 3. Vancouver sexologist and clinical counselor Pega Ren thinks boys tend to develop fetishes between 2 and 10, with 5 to 8 being most common.