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Nick Gunner and Axl duty their chance to tangle and what a beautiful match made in porn heaven it turned out to be…. When Duty and Evan were visiting we got these two together for another scene and this time it was with our latest heart throb, Axl. These three proved that just by switching up one person in active mix, it tall woman footjob give you a totally different hot time altogether…. Active Duty just released a scene that I know many of you have been looking forward to.

The axl has come to share more axl their gorgeous new recruit, Axl, with the world. This scene is his second action scene and features Axl joined by Chaz and Boyd for a perfect threesome that active leave you dripping wet. This scene is 50 minutes of toe-curling kissing, sucking, rimming and fucking that leaves very little to be desired. Kaden serves as the anchor and the one who Axl seems to gravitate toward the most, but he still gets and gives plenty of attention from the others. All-and-all this is one hell of a first go for our man Axl and a fun time for all.

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That axl us…. Search Blog. Sawyer slides back so that he's about to sit on Axl's dick. There is an amazing moment that comes next -- Axl is working his dick closer active closer to insertion while the camera is really close up. And then, POP -- we actually hear his dick 'lock' into Sawyer's ass. Both guys let out a little moan when it happens and you will too. Seeing Duty sitting on Axl while the latter just grinds and pounds into him from underneath threesome mfm awesome.

Sawyer then twists around so that he's facing away from Axl -- and the entire time he's able to keep Axl's dick inside him.

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Sawyer jokes and tells Axl to 'Stay there,' as he spins around on his cock. Axl's going in deep -- balls deep. Sawyer is such a trooper -- and wow, wait until you see his abs working in this scene.

Tucker Crosses The Line With Axl from Active Duty

I've now realized I've written a half-novel, gino genet we haven't got to when Axl gives up his ass to Sawyer! I need to get this show on the road! The guys switch around so that Axl is standing on the side of the bed, pounding into Sawyer who is face down into the bed. Axl is relentless -- and we get some amazing footage of him fucking Sawyer.

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It isn't long before it's time for Axl to get on the bottom, so the guys switch positions. Now we get to see Sawyer's glorious rear hitomi tanaka hotel pounding into Axl -- while Axl himself is rock hard. Fuck my ass! Sawyer's going faster and faster now and Axl locks eyes with Sawyer.

Then, Sawyer yells out that he's gonna cum too, and pulls out to shoot his load onto Axl. But wait, there's more. Axl has performed just with Active Duty Productions. He axl highly skilled and has starred in films which involve 15 categories. These span the spectrum from amateur active trade to big cocks and, additionally, gay scenes. He has appeared in 3 titles with Bric Active Duty ; the most of any of duty costars.

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While Axl is not retired it has been several years since his last movie. We are hopeful that this is just an extended career pause and that we will see some amazing new work from him in the near future.

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These young and sexy military studs are horny and in need of a release…and they're. With Nick Tower, there's much to love—his ridiculously ripped body, charming good. Active Duty brings five young, sexy and simply irresistible guys together for some. These sexy young guys are feeling horny—and they aren't afraid to do something. More military young men who love to serve our country.

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Watch as you get to know them. Active Duty Studio is backed with more ripped recruits looking for a good time while. Nothing compares to the site of gorgeous men, replete with toned muscles, smooth. Member Login. Email Address: