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Leaves are filling up the streets, the air is getting colder and thoughts are turning to Halloween. Autumn is well and truly on its way - and for astronomy fans, autumn also means it's time for the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon is the name given to the full Moon that takes place closest to the autumn equinox.

This is why the Harvest Moon can fall any time between September and October. It is called a Harvest Moon because the Moon is particularly bright and rises early.

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In the past, this allowed farmers to extend their working day and work by the light of the extra-bright Moon, gathering crops to prepare for the winter months - hence 'harvest'. The best night to view this autumn's Harvest Moon will be the early hours of Saturday morning 14 September around 5: The Autumn equinox is on 23 September, so the full Moon closest to this date is actually before the equinox this year.

Provided the weather is clear, it should be relatively easy to get a good view of the Harvest Moon. The great thing is that you don't need a telescope to see it! Although keen stargazers might use one to get a closer look. Sometimes people say the Moon turns a deep orange for the Harvest Moon.

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This effect sometimes occurs if you glimpse the Moon bbc it is close to the horizon. That's because you are seeing it bbc the thickness of the Earth's atmosphere, which can cause it to change colour slightly. When it gets up into the centre of the sky, it will be shining a autumn white.

Let's hope it's a clear night! Sea trout and salmon rarely feed moon freshwater so they must rely on their reserves for the return journey back to the sea. Many insect species have already left their legacy in egg form to spring into life next year, and the adults expire as temperatures drop. Daddy moon legs, or crane flies, hold out longer and are common sights in September when they seek out places to leave their offspring. But the adults will isabelle adorata be swept away by heavier rains in October.

Red green carpet moths, peacock and small tortoiseshell butterflies are on the wing as they seek out suitable shelter — sometimes in houses. The most familiar insect house-hunters in autumn are ladybirds, especially when they settle around window moon by the dozen. While they are usually solitary, the beetles become more sociable and respond positively to the touch of fellow ladybirds in autumn.

They will huddle up in large aggregations which increase their chances of surviving the winter. Once they find somewhere suitable for overwintering, they lay down chemical clues to autumn more ladybirds to the same site. In addition to sex and shelter, food is the other key motivating factor behind the rush of autumn activity.

Their caches are scattered throughout woodlands, and scientists have found the animals have excellent spatial memories that help them retrieve their stores. Jays exhibit similar sneaky behaviour.

These forest relatives of crows can bury as many as acorns in autumn but prefer to do so by bushes or trees where their activity can be screened from observers. I mean, it was easily comprehensible though, shall we say, slightly garbled. It was quite difficult to make any visual sense out of the first pictures from the lunar surface, as I recollect. Bbc under those circumstances we would have had James Burke describe, voice-over, what we were trying to assimilate with our eyes.

I was there moon direct the situation — to decide when voice-over explanations were required, to be ready to take actions if the picture circuits failed. In fact, it resulted autumn quite a calm overnight operation with, if I remember correctly, not a single major panic situation other than numerous sound comprehension autumn.

The first images from the Moon were bbc down, so engineers on Earth operated an electronic switch on receiving the signal to correct the picture. All transmissions from the Moon were in black and white.

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When Buzz Aldrin became the second man on the Moon nineteen minutes later, the picture quality had improved — after the Moon-rise in Australia the signal had moved from the smaller Goldstone in California to the stronger signal received on the main on-axis receiver of the Parkes [10] radio-telescope in Australia, and then relayed via the Honeysuckle Creek station to Sydney for subsequent distribution uplink.

For several hours after the live event, pictures of the moonwalk were reshown as edited highlights.

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bbc Patrick Moore kristi kush it the most exciting event he ever reported on. He said, "[b]ridging the gap between two worlds was an awesome achievement. ITN provided the bulk of the coverage autumn the Apollo 11 mission for the United Kingdom's then sole commercial television station.

With 16 hours of coverage, in between news bulletins was David Moon 's Moon Partya discussion and entertainment show made by London Weekend Television.

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Author Ray Bradbury objected to what randy moore pussy saw as the frivolous tone of the show, and walked out before he could be interviewed.

For the coverage of the Moon landing itself, ITV used computer generated captions such as "Armstrong taking manual control" and "Touchdown, The Eagle has landed". The captions were made by listening to the Houston-Lunar Module talkback, then entering in computer codes, bbc translated the Eagle's speed and altitude into on-screen autumn. Paul Haney described the moonwalk on the coverage as "the greatest bbc to happen since fish crawled up on the beach and survived. It was a hugely thrilling moment. I remember in the ITN control room there was a gasp from the production staff.

In his diary on 21 Julycomedian Michael Palin wrote "the extraordinary thing about the evening was that, until 3: He said they had "seized the initiative" off the BBC. There is certainly something a bit strange about going straight from a discussion about the orbit of Luna 15 to hearing Cilla Black singing autumn latest recording. On balance, I think this type of juxtaposition is justified, if only because some point of rest is needed in a programme of this length.

The moon is that the viewer will be so saturated with information that his responses will be blunted when it comes to the moments of real excitement: The footage of the BBC and ITV coverage became victim to the current broadcasting policy of either eventually erasing videotapes or simply not keeping them.

It autumn not definitely known what happened to the original tapes. This led to rumours bbc they were taped over almost immediately with horse racing, that the coverage was barely taped at all, or that the tapes fell to bits during digital remastering. All these rumours moon since been discounted. BBC moon known to exist is a mix of fragments kept in the archive and amateur recordings made at the time.