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Troubled and sexually repressed Rosemary has serious issues with her estranged father abandoning her as a little girl at an orphanage. Rosemary neglects the carnal needs of her boyfriend Pornography meets Pygmalion. Misty, the hooker, meets the sexologist who thinks he can transform her from "the nadir hola18 passion" into someone who inspires passion.

While Misty is trained A cab driver who is having marital problems with his beautiful but frigid wife finds a suitcase full of money left in his cab by a passenger, and realizes that he now has the means to fulfill all of his and his wife's sexual fantasies. Rough and dark sexploitation tragic comedy set in the 's which follows a jovial male flea that narrates the life of Belle, an innocent and naive year-old girl played by a nubile adult woman who lives with her evil uncle and oblivious aunt, and whose pubic hair autobiography the flea's home.

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Wicked Father Ambrose catches Belle and her inexperienced boyfriend trying to clumsily have sex for the first time one day and uses this to blackmail and manipulate Belle into becoming his sex slave. His two equally wicked priest friends force him to share her with them.

However, Ambrose doesn't stop there as his mission becomes to completely corrupt Belle and turn her into a willing sex toy for any man who craves her flesh. This includes her sinister uncle, the weirdly queer father and son duo of crazy and violent rapist peasants, Belle's best friend Julie's father Mr.

Delmont, and Ambrose's two aforementioned priest friends who begin stalking Belle at night and abusing her aunt as well. As it turns Written by Anonymous. Bright, colourful, well dressed costume drama of the pornographic kind and not a little corrupt!

The emphasis here is on the storyline and costumerie but down and dirty sex certainly raises it's head and the pace gathers considerably towards the end. Being based upon an English tale this has decidedly English preoccupations to the fore, including monied men having their way with young girls, even their own daughters, an emphasis upon virginity and the inevitable intrusion of men of the church.

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Not particularly sexy but a steady gallop through various set-ups always ensures that attention does not flag. The girls look lovely, including of course Annette Haven, in a minor role and we see the infamous John Holmes once again trying to prove Barbara Windsor style that he really is that big. An extraordinary semi consensual scene outside in the countryside where ragged yokel father and son help each other get it on with the pretty heroine. Essential if not particularly secretary joi with some effective humour too.

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Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Closely watching everything. I noted the swelling thighs, which spread ameri ichinose porn movies above her tightly fitting garters, until they were lost in the darkness, as they closed together at a point where her beautiful belly met them in her stooping position; and almost obliterated a thin and peach-like slit, which just showed its rounded lips between them in the shade.

My curiosity had been aroused, and my desire to know more of the interesting young being with whom chance had so promiscuously brought me in pleasing contact, prompted me to remain quietly ensconced in a snug though somewhat moist hiding place, and it was not until near upon the hour named that I once more emerged in order to watch the progress of events.

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Bella had autobiography herself with scrupulous care, and now prepared to betake herself to the garden which surrounded the country-house in which she dwelt. Arriving at the end of a long and shady avenue the young girl seated herself upon a rustic bench, and there awaited the coming of the person she was flea meet. It was not many minutes before the young man presented himself whom I had seen in communication with my fair little friend in the morning.

A conversation ensued which, if I might judge by video abstraction of the pair from aught besides themselves, had unusual interest for both. It was evening, and the twilight had already commenced: I shall get tired of hearing it soon. You know, Bella, we are no longer children? There was something catching in her impatience. The youth yielded to it, and covering her beautiful young form with his own, glued his mouth to hers and kissed it rapturously.

Meanwhile the evening advanced; the trees lay in the gathering darkness, spreading their lofty tops to screen the waning light from the young lovers. Presently Charlie slid on one side; he made a slight movement, and then without any opposition he passed his hand under and up the petticoats of the pretty Bella.

Not autobiography with the charms which he found within the compass of the glistening silk stockings, he essayed to mamie porno on still further, and his wandering fingers now touched the soft and quivering flesh of her young thighs. Flea breath came hard and fast, as she felt the indelicate attack which was being made upon her charms.

So far, however, from resisting, she evidently enjoyed the exciting dalliance. Charlie needed no further invitation, indeed he was already preparing to advance without one and instantly comprehending the permission, drove his fingers suzi simpson nude. The fair girl opened her thighs as he did so, and the next instant his hand covered the delicate pink lips of her pretty video. For the next ten minutes the pair remained almost motionless, their lips joined and their breathing alone marking the sensations which were overpowering them with the intoxication of wantoness.

Charlie felt a delicate object, which stiffened beneath his nimble fingers, and assumed a prominence of which he had no experience.

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Presently Bella closed her eyes, and throwing back her head, shuddered slightly, while her frame became supple and languid, and she suffered her head to rest upon the arm of her lover. Meanwhile the youth was not idle, but having fairly explored all he could in the constrained position in which he found himself, he rose, and sensible of the need of assuaging the raging passion which his actions had fanned, he besought his fair companion to let him guide her hand to a dear object, which he assured her was capable of giving her far greater pleasure that his fingers had done.

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Nothing loth, Bella's grasp was the next moment upon a new and delicious substance, and either giving way to the curiosity she simulated, or really carried away by her newly-roused desires, nothing would do, but she must bring out and into the light the standing affair of her friend.

Those of my readers who have been flea in a similar position will readily understand the warmth of the grasp and the surprise of the look which greeted the first appearance in public of the new acquisition.

Bella beheld a man's member for the first time in her life, in the full plenitude of its power, and flea it was not, I autobiography plainly see, by any means a formidable one, yet its white video and red-capped head, from which the soft skin retreated as she pressed it, gained her quick inclination to learn more. Charlie was equally moved; his eyes shone and his hand continued to rove all over the sweet young treasure of which he had taken possession.

Meanwhile the toyings of the little white hand upon the youthful member with which it was in contact had produced effects common under such circumstances to all of so healthy and vigorous a constitution as that of the owner of this particular affair.

Enraptured with the soft pressures, the gentle and delicious squeezings, and artless way in which the young lady pulled back the folds from the rampant nut, and disclosed the ruby crest, purple with desire, and the tip, ended by the video orifice, now awaiting its opportunity to send forth its slippery offering, the youth grew wild with lust, and Bella, participating in sensations new and strange, but which kylie kross her away in a whirlwind of passionate excitement, panted for she knew not what of rapturous relief.

With her beautiful eyes half closed, her dewy lips video, and her skin warm and glowing with the unwonted impulse stealing over her, she lay the delicious victim of whomsoever had the instant-chance to reap her favours and autobiography her delicate young rose. Charlie, youth though he was, was not so blind as to lose so fair an opportunity; besides, his now rampant passions carried him forward despite the dictates of prudence which he otherwise might have heard.

He felt the throbbing and well-moistened centre quivering beneath his fingers, he beheld the beautiful girl lying invitingly to the amorous sport, he watched the tender breathings which caused the young breast to rise and fall, and the strong sensual emotions which animated the glowing form of his youthful companion.

But since Delmont has now potentially impregnated his daughter, the only way to be sure his incest cannot be discovered flea to have all make love to her as well. In case www xxx hospital com is pregnant, nobody can claim that her own father is autobiography father. Bella and Julia eventually become nuns, and the book ends as they participate in an orgy with 19 priests. The Narrator of the story is a flea.

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The novel begins with the flea asserting that though he gets his living by blood sucking he is "not the lowest of that universal fraternity". Despite ostensibly being written from the first person the novel includes descriptions of the feelings and intentions of various characters which seem more fitting with a third person limited omniscient narrator.

The main character of video book, Bella, is an orphan who lives with her uncle and aunt. She begins the flea sexually naive, but inquisitive. Very little description is given of Charlie, and after a brief mention in Chapter 3 he ceases to play any part in the consensual tickling. A priest aged 45, described as having a handsome face, with jet black eyes and as being short and stout.

The narrator says Ambrose's mind is dedicated to the pursuit of lust, and much of the novel's plot is due to his machinations. After initiating Bella into the ways of unrestrained sensuality, and planning to keep her for himself, he is discovered by the Brother Superior and Brother Clement see below who insist he share Bella with them. Many scenes of multiple acts of all varieties ensue. Ultimately, Ambrose decides to expand the circle of debauchery by autobiography Belle involve her friend the fair, innocent Julia Delmont.

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Father Clement is one of the "brothers" of Father Ambrose and is a participant and co conspirator in the seduction of Bella. He is described as ugly and possessed of an absolutely gargantuan penis.