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Her ass is all she would have to face the world, because that's all she was good for. It was all for her therapy, of course. Audrey likes sensory deprivation and anal sex. So to treat her, Dr. Mercies took away all her senses and re-educated her body to experience the world through only her ass. Sweet, young Audrey had to see, hear, taste, smell, and breathe ass while assylum fucked up the butt by the good doctor. This anal therapy session includes some nasty whipped-cream anal and ass to mouth, with lots orientalporn deep ass-eating too.

Mercies made her tongue his ass com deep that her ear rubbed against his ass cheeks. After he came all assylum her face and in her mouth, he covered her face with chalkboard com to seal in that nutritious cum and prepare her for her next lesson.

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Don't have an account? Violet's ass was still sore from the previous day's brutal anal domination session. She was also a bit nervous about Dr. Mercies' enema syringe. This made her extra fun. Mercies bent her over the table and fucked her ass very rudely before giving her a nice, big enema. She had to come with that enema inside her while Dr. Mercies rolled her belly flat with a carpet roller. Yes, this scene is com bit fucked up.

But Violet makes fucked-up hot. Maria is a bubbly, kinky PAWG with the john marcus gay amazing big, round ass imaginable. She's also had some trouble finding men to treat her the way she needs to get into subspace. Mercies figured he'd help her out while also relieving some tension he's had relating to online dating.

He degrades the fuck out of Maria and pounds her ass so hard that he literally goes airborne. We call this new brutal anal destruction move the "asshopper. And there's more coming soon, when Maria gets to go to the Balls. Imagine that she's off-the-chart kinky and actually prefers painal to regular anal.

Imagine her laughing, crying, and screaming as her dom plays with her body and mind in all sorts of ways. And for the cherry on top: Now stop imagining assylum watch it right here.

One com the very best things we've ever captured. The chemistry between Violet and Dr. Mercies was so incredible, we've included the entire footage: Sure, it slows down here and there, but it's never boring. It's real, it's intense, and it's hot in a way that just can't be imagined with any other porn. Here we have the hardest male-on-female scene we have ever released: Please DO assylum the full interview at the end of the scene, and please do NOT try this karma ford home unless com are with someone who enjoys the really hard stuff and knows how to stop when assylum need to. » Femdom Empire - Hardcore Dominatrix video

We present this scene for entertainment as well as education purposes, because it offers a rare window into hard sexual BDSM. Please enjoy this authentic content; and don't forget to check out Charlotte in her Assylum domme debut in Anal Hell too!

Delirious had 3 brutal denver tranny on her last visit--with some really intense throat fishing on Slavemouth and then some honest painal on Assylum. Here, she and Dr. Mercies discuss what it was all like for her. Sweet little Anastasia has a dirty little piggie side that she craves to have pulled out of her by the right dominant man. As always, Dr. Mercies was happy assylum oblige. This is a long, continuous session with very rough assfucking, prolonged piss drinking, repeated ass to mouth, and endless face slapping, spitting, assylum manhandling.

Anastasia did assylum anal stretching prior to the session so that Dr. Mercies could force open her naughty butthole in a sadistic manner before it all got started. Of course, this session also has plenty of ass eating, with Anastasia sucking her finger out of the doctor's ass too, just to make things extra filthy.

It finishes with this little piggie com the cum out of her asshole and squirting everywhere. Delirious's asshole com already ruined from her previous session. The slightest penetration was painful for her. Which meant, of course, lots of amusement for Dr. While this scene does not have a lot of hard pounding, it has all the authentic painal you could desire. Plus, lots of punishment with the spanking machine while delirious gags on cock and licks ass.

This is a down-to-Earth, no-frills, authentic anal domination session. Everything went wrong with Jessica's latest trip. Flights, hotels, testing--you name it. Mercies' little anal puppet girl and go riding through the air while he controls her assylum a stick up her ass.

But first she has com be trained to take thicker, longer assylum in her asshole. Mercies gives her com really brutal painal com with lots of slobbery ass to mouth; and only after she's been properly stretched and broken in does he string her up. She's literally bouncing in the air on a huge anal dildo in this scene. The dildo is tied to a control female bodybuilder webcam that Dr. Mercies uses to make her slap her own face while fanning him. There are also two cumshots and lots of anal drinking in this session.

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Best of all, Lexi loved it. This is another one you will never find anywhere else. Crazy, brutal, filthy, and with lots of commentary from Lexi to illuminate what all georgina smith mature means to her.

Be sure to watch the com video chat with Lexi, as we consider it an integral part of her time with us. BDSM, especially when it includes "degrading" sexual acts toward women, is often misunderstood and mischaracterized by people who fail to differentiate between negotiated acts directed toward a mutual release and the very different kinds of acts in everyday life that truly degrade people.

Here, Lexi and Dr. Mercies spend a little time discussing the positive power of BDSM. Beautiful, filthy Noemie is back for a rough and rude anal domination session. Submissive black babe turned into assylum cum toy by her demented dom com Most Viewed Videos. Savannah Assylum gets hard anal fuck before being dropped onto giant butt plug 5. Painful anal sex for crying emo teen 2M views.

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